The Greatest Showman has dazzled audiences since it's release in December 2017, here we have pulled together names from the story and their meanings for your Show Babies!

Phineas - Known as P.T (Phineas Taylor) her is the lead showman himself! He's ambitious, entrepreneurial and the King of show business.  The name is of Hebrew origin meaning 'oracle'

Taylor - The middle name of the lead character, Taylor is a popular name for either a boy or a girl and is of English origin. 

Charity - Loyal homemaker Charity is the wife of Phineas (P.T) Barnhum. The name is of English origin and is considered a virtue name, along with Hope and Faith. For a period in the 1970's Charity was a Top 300 name.

Anne - Audacious but self-conscious Anne is a confident and experienced trapeze artist, deeply affected by the racist times of the 19th Century. Anne is a name of Hebrew, French and English origin meaning 'grace' with variations such as Annabel or Hannah.

Lettie - The Bearded Lady, known as Lettie Lutz in the film, was actually called Annie Jones in real life. Lettie is gracious and a positive influence.  The name is of English origin meaning 'joy, gladness' 

Phillip - Phillip is the bright and brave young playwright who becomes P.T's successful protege. The name is of Greek origin meaning 'lover of horses'

Jenny - Generous opera singer Jenny, full name Johanna, had a passion for singing and built her reputation as the 'Swedish Nightingale' due to her beautiful voice. The name Jenny is a diminutive of Johanna, Janet, Jane, Jean and Jennifer. The meaning of Johanna is 'God is gracious'