Lisa joined Kicks Count in early 2014. After gradually becoming more and more involved, Lisa now manages the charity day-to-day and is responsible for raising awareness via Marketing and Social Media.
Working closely with all of the team, Lisa ensures that charity runs smoothly and is involved in just about every aspect of the charity! Her main focus is raising awareness, so she can often be found creating posts for social media, arranging an exhibition, organising collaborations or researching other ways to spread the word. Lisa is an independent Trial Steering Committee Member on a Reduced Fetal Movement Intervention Trial and passionate about reducing stillbirth.
Kicks Count is amazing and I'm proud to be part of it. I read many messages of thanks from people who have been helped by the campaign and I genuinely believe that the awareness created by Kicks Count is making a real difference.
Lisa was born at 30 weeks in the 1980's and is a big believer in the resilience of tiny babies!
You can contact Lisa on [email protected]