When you're a fairly small charity, it's challenging to achieve your aims with limited funds and resources. People are usually shocked to hear that there are only two people who are plugging away for Kicks Count full time. Time is precious, donations even more so, and we are currently reliant on the generosity of individuals to keep us going.

Work For Good came to our attention recently and they have inspired us to try and improve the way we engage with businesses. Most businesses support a chosen charity and with good reason - it's a great way to engage customers while making a positive contribution to a good cause.

Now we have this stress-free platform we are going to straight out ask - could your business join us on it?

If you're a sole trader, freelancer, consultant or small business with a drive to prevent stillbirth, we would love to connect with you. You can easily choose how you support us - a regular donation, a donation linked to sales or even a percentage of profits. The legal and administrative side will be taken care of, leaving us to work together to save babies lives.