Through our online groups and conversations with midwives it's clear there's a downturn in the number of women reporting reduced movements. It's feared that the covid-19 pandemic will cause an increase in the number of babies stillborn, not because of the virus itself, but because of lack of prompt reporting of reduced movement.

Over half of women who had a stillbirth noticed a reduction in baby's movements beforehand. It is vital that women report every episode of reduced movement so a baby in distress can be identified and action can be taken to ensure the safe delivery of the baby. The Kicks Count campaign has made huge progress in ensuring women have the knowledge and confidence to trust their instincts and report their concerns.

However the Covid-19 outbreak is having a detrimental impact. With pregnant women being told to isolate and the press coverage about the burden the coronavirus is placing on the NHS, women are reluctant to seek appropriate medical attention. It is so important that women are encouraged to phone their midwife or maternity unit if they have any concerns.

On the 8th April Stephen Powis, the National Medical Director for NHS England, highlighted the need for pregnant women to continue to report reduced movements.

He said "The NHS has worked night and day to surge capacity to manage coronavirus but it is also there for you if you have symptoms of a stroke, symptoms of a heart attack, or indeed any emergency condition. Whether it is a sick child or a mother in pregnancy worried about the movement of her baby, You should be seeking emergency services just as you always have done."

At Kicks Count we really want to emphasise that message as much as we possibly can. We have produced Covid-19 specific posters for hospitals and surgeries. However we are looking to spread the message further, via social media as it is clear many women aren't going to the hospital or may be having routine appointments changed.

We are putting together a short video that can be shared on social media to highlight the importance of still contacting your midwife if you notice a change in movement. The campaign will be named #kicksstillcount.

All the funds raised will go towards producing and distributing posters as well as distributing the video as widely as possible.