You gave me the confidence to seek medical advice when my medical and mummy brain were battling it out.

Weddings are all about love, and we are incredibly grateful that the new Mr and Mrs Gordon-Creed showed our charity love at theirs.

Rebecca and Charles recently celebrated their wedding, surrounded by friends and family and their beautiful sons Christopher and James, aged 4 and 2.

In place of wedding gifts, they asked for donations to Kicks Count and raised an incredible amount - over £700 to help us prevent stillbirth.

Rebecca experienced reduced movement several times throughout her pregnancies and attended her maternity assessment unit. At the time of her first pregnancy, she spent 4 months working as a doctor in obstetrics and was the first of her friends and family to fall pregnant. After her first visit to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a UTI, several more visits for concerns about movements followed throughout both pregnancies.

She told us:

I felt that I should be able to handle any obstetric fears at home. I was sorely tempted to wait at home when I had my first episode of reducement movement, but instead I found you. Each time I had the confidence to access help, thanks to you.

Making a Difference

The generosity of Rebecca, Charles and their wedding guests makes a big difference to our small charity. Thank you to every single person who donated, your support will help us continue to save lives. How? The £700 raised enables us to keep our free movement-monitoring pregnancy app running for over two months. The award-winning app is used by hundreds of women to get to know their precious baby's movements.


Kicks Count App Success Story - Lorna & Emilia

Lorna started using the Kicks Count app from around 20 weeks and it helped her recognise when Emilia's movement reduced.