Kicks Count Wristbands

What are Kicks Count Wristbands and why and how do you use one? Read more

Packing your hospital bag

To pack or not to pack? We have compiled a list of hospital bag must haves Read more

Diet in pregnancy

A healthy balanced diet is important for a healthy lifestyle but is even more important while pregnant to get the right nutrients for you and your baby. Read more

Finding A Rainbow Project

In 2018 we launched our Finding A Rainbow Project to offer support to those pregnant following a previous stillbirth or neonatal death. Read more

Free App

The Kicks Count app is designed to help you get to know your baby’s regular pattern of movement, once you have recorded sessions the graphs section will show you your baby’s movements over the last 2, 7 and 14 days. Read more

Sleep on side

Women who go to sleep lying on the back have a 2.3-fold increased risk of late stillbirth compared with women who go to sleep on their side. Read more

Pain Relief

How painful your labour is does not determine how brave you are. Every body is different, every labour is different and every baby is different. Here we discuss the various ways of relieving pain Read more

Antenatal Appointments

This page details the appointments offered by the NHS to pregnant women in the UK. Read more

Your baby's movements

Feeling your baby move is a sign that they are well. Find out more about your baby's normal movements during pregnancy. Read more

Holly Willoughby talks Baby Movement

Mum-of-three Holly encourages mums to get to know their baby's movements. Read more