We would like to honour the babies that inspire donations to Kicks Count, the very donations that fund the literature we produce and work that we do. Our supporters can now sponsor these little-life-saving literature deliveries by dedicating their donation specifically to the memory of a baby.

We send regular orders of our literature to midwives and other medical professionals across the UK. By donating just £5 to this appeal we will send an order in honour of your little one. Their name will be written on a sticker which will be attached to an order, proudly, for all to see.

One of the stickers will go on a parcel for every £5 donated (e.g if £20 is donated we will send 4 boxes dedicated to your baby)

You can also set up a monthly donation in which case the appropriate number of boxes will be sent each month (e.g if the donation is for £5 a month, one box will be sent dedicated to your baby monthly)