Talking about why she supports Kicks Count, Hazel said:
"On 8th February 2005 my beautiful baby boy was born sleeping weighing a perfect 4lbs 9oz. He was 6 weeks and 4 days early and he was the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. It was my first pregnancy and I had no idea about monitoring the babies movement. This charity is amazing and is helping so many women be aware of their babies movement which is preventing other mummies giving birth to sleeping babies. If I had known about this charity when I was carrying Kai maybe he would still be here today. Anyone who is a mum or dad will know how amazing it is when your baby is born and takes their first breath and cries. My little boy was silent and so still. I never want anyone else to experience the pain myself and many other women have gone through"

Talking about the Eastbourne Half Marathon, she said:
“It was a very emotional day as I wore a picture of my boy on my back and a few people held my shoulder and told me what a beautiful baby I had. It kept me going and also made me very teary. There was a rainbow 3/4s of the way round which was just beautiful as my rainbow baby was running her little race too!! Lots of tears at the finishing line remembering my boy and knowing I had done myself and him proud.”