Author Matt has found success by being a down-to-earth, hilarious and relatable dad! His books 'Dummy' and 'Man vs Baby' became bestsellers in the UK and have just been released in the US.

Matt came to find Kicks Count on his quest to find his real 'Mum of the Year' after his frustration with celebrity versions of the awards. After reading the story of Kicks Count CEO Elizabeth, who ultimately won the award, Matt was so inspired he wanted to show his support to the charity.

Talking about Elizabeth, Matt said:

"It is no exaggeration to say that Elizabeth saves lives. When it comes down to it she makes a difference. And for humans? .. thats about as good as it gets. And heres the thing... She mums through all this.. No doubt encouraging her young children Joshua and Emily to change the world for the better too. And isnt this all just a little more inspiring than filtered pics of snap back bodies and designer strollers?"

Matt is helping to raise awareness far and wide, as well as generously donating profits from event ticket sales.