Kicks Count was set up in 2009 after the founder, Sophia Wyatt, gave birth to her precious daughter Chloe stillborn. Chloe died just 3 days before her due date. 

In the days following Chloe's death, Sophia realised that many other families could be spared the same tragedy if only they had information that she hadn't - when babies are in distress in the womb, many of them move less before they pass away. By reporting a change in movements immediately, babies in distress could be saved. Had Sophia known that at the time, Chloe may still be here.

"I started this Charity because I HAD to, to try to teach those expectant mums, so none of them have to feel the pain I feel every day. I started this for Chloe, for my family….. but also for me" - Sophia Wyatt

In 2014, Sophia signed the charity over to current CEO Elizabeth Hutton. Elizabeth volunteered for Kicks Count at the time and was determined to continue its success in honour of her stillborn son, Toby.

"I felt so strongly that this would work, that this would help. The UK has one of the worst stillbirth rates in the developed world, a third of which occur after 37 weeks when the baby is considered full term. The majority of Mums who have a stillbirth noticed a change in their baby’s movements beforehand as a baby in distress tends to slow their movements 12 to 48 hours before they pass away. Kicks counts had a very simple message…Report any change in your babies movements immediately. In Norway, this simple message had helped reduce their stillbirth rate by 50%. All we needed to do was make every single pregnant woman aware of Kicks Count."