Thanks to innovative recycling schemes from Terracycle and XChange Master, you can now recycle household waste that isn't accepted in your council recycling bin. Since 2013, dedicated recyclers have raised multiple thousands of pounds, and kept tonnes of waste from landfill.

Even better, by participating, you'll be raising funds to help us in our mission to prevent stillbirth.

What can I recycle?

All sorts! From used stamps and cans, to biscuit wrappers and cheese packaging, there's plenty you can recycle. We're currently updating this page to reflect the latest changes to our recycling scheme, and we'll provide more details soon, so check back!

In the meantime, you can order a freepost envelope to recycle your stamps by emailing [email protected].

If you're local to Guildford, you can drop off your recycling at ZERO, at the top of Guildford High Street. Join the Recycling Guildford Group to join the community, and discover what you can recycle.

If you're in Northern Ireland, please visit the Recycle for Kicks Count NI Instagram for more information on how you can take part. You'll be part of something truly amazing there, they're even winning national sustainability awards! Check this out.

What happens to the waste?

Terracycle is an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling typically hard-to-recycle waste. Terracycle clean and melt the waste into hard plastic that can be remoulded to make new recycled products. You can find out more about the finished products at

What does it fund?

The money comes to Kicks Count and we use it to raise awareness of baby's movements to reduce the stillbirth rate in the UK. To find out more about where donations go, please visit "How the money is spent"