I Will Always Remember Our Baby Book

This book has been produced as part of the Finding a Rainbow project with Kicks Count and Frugi. It is intended to help explain stillbirth and neonatal death to children. Written by Kicks Count CEO and illustrated by Helene Weston.

The loss of a baby is a devastating time for the whole family. While it can be tempting to shield children from the grief, this can be counter productive as they may overhear conversations and find things out in their own time, leaving them to feel confused and anxious. We hope this book gives a way for parents and carers to address the topic with the child and open the dialogue for further questions and answers.

Usually as adults we avoid being blunt about death and tend to say we have ‘lost the baby’, the baby was ‘born sleeping’ or has ‘gone to sleep’. This language can be confusing for a child as they take it literally. For example, if we say a baby is born asleep they may be confused why you wouldn’t wait for them to wake up. We have therefore avoided any euphemisms when discussing death within this book.

The book has been designed to have the look and feel of a story book you would expect to find in a children’s section. We hope this makes it less daunting for a child, and more likely to increase their engagement with it.

As every child is different, and their level of understanding can vary considerably, we recommend using your judgement with how much or how little detail you go into around your individual circumstances.