I Am Your Rainbow Book

Luke has a very special role in his family; he is a rainbow baby. But what does that mean to Luke? Join him as he learns about the sister that died before he was born and why he is so special.

I Am Your Rainbow is a story which helps to explain stillbirth and being a 'rainbow baby' to children born after the loss of their older sibling.

"I wrote this book after various questions from my own rainbow baby. He often hears me refer to him as my rainbow baby and has increasingly asked what that meant. He struggled with how much attention his angel brother receives because of the time I dedicate to Kicks Count. I thought the book would be a great way to show him, and other rainbow babies, how special and important they are. Despite us missing his brother terribly, we would never want to replace him." - Elizabeth Hutton

The book has been designed to have the look and feel of a storybook you would expect to find in a children’s section. We hope this makes it less daunting for a child, and more likely to increase their engagement with it.

As every child is different, and their level of understanding can vary considerably, we recommend using your judgement with how much or how little detail you go into around your individual circumstances.