Last week we received the wonderful news that our app has been shortlisted under The Family Awards 2017 Best Parenting App category!

Our free app is something we are really proud of and it’s a real honour to be shortlisted as a potential winner!

The app was designed to help mums-to-be get to know their baby’s regular pattern of movement and we are proud to say it’s been downloaded over 27,000 times since it launched earlier this year.

There are plenty of kick-counting apps available, but we wanted ours to be different.  Not only is our charity trusted by many mums and midwives, the important difference about our app is that it will not stop counting at 10 episodes of movement in a day.  This is so important as there is no standard quota of movements that all pregnant women need to/should feel in a day. Despite this, many other apps will tell you that you’re all done once you reach 10 movements.

As we hope many people know by now, the best way to monitor your baby is to get to know YOUR baby’s regular pattern of movement. Our app is designed to help mums get to know what that pattern is.

appEasy to use:

To use, it’s really easy – every time you feel a session of movement, simply tap the footprint. You do not need to tap for each individual movement, instead record the sessions. When you have finished recording your sessions for the day click save; you will then be able to see the number of times your baby moves in a day.  At the start of each day, reset the counter to 0.

The graphs section will show you your baby’s movements over the last 2, 7 and 14 days, you can easily swipe between the various graphs to view information. The graphs are designed to help you gain an understanding of your baby’s movements pattern.


With our app, you can also:

  • enter the details of your midwife so you can contact them if you ever have a concern
  • find out more information about your baby’s movements and what you should be expecting

More exciting updates to the app will also be coming in 2017!

Please note that Mums should not rely solely on the app and should always trust their instincts. If you feel something is wrong always call your midwife or maternity unit.

If you would like to download the app for free just search for “Kicks Count” in your app store.