Hannah began blogging in January 2018 when her son, Dexy Jude, was stillborn. Hannah has been documenting her journey ever since and is currently pregnant with Dexy's brother or sister.

Many people who have experienced the loss of their baby can relate to Hannah's feelings and experiences and have found it helpful or comforting to read - to know they're not alone. It's dark, it's honest, it's expressive, it's upsetting and, most of all - it's real.  Though often a tough read, it's an important one, and we support Hannah's quest to increase awareness and break the silence in honour of her son.

Hannah said:

I started this blog because when Dexy was a stillborn I couldn’t find anything to read about the mum’s personal experiences and what to expect. I could only find charity pages and formal information. I needed something real, something I could relate to. It’s now been some time since my son passed away and I’m hoping by doing this families can find comfort that they are not alone and it’s okay.

Hannah and her husband Phil are also behind the brilliant blog series "Dad Grieve Too" which publishes a new story from a grieving dad every Monday evening.


Instagram: @Hannahpontillo

(please note that all opinions and thoughts expressed in the blog are Hannah's personally)