Hey there, fellow Swifties! Are you expecting a little bundle of joy and looking for a name that has Taylor vibes? Well, you're in the right place; we have some suggestions.

Taylor's music is not just about catchy tunes; it's a whole mood, a vibe, a journey through love, heartbreak and self-discovery. So, let's dive into some baby name suggestions that pay homage to the world's favourite artist, and her incredible music.


Who doesn't love Olivia, Taylor's adorable cat and a constant source of inspiration. Naming your baby Olivia brings a touch of charm and playfulness that mirrors Taylor's whimsical side! It's also a consistently popular name in the UK, topping the baby name charts again in 2023.


As with other Folklore tracks, "Betty" features vivid storytelling and is one of three tracks that depict a fictitious teenage love triangle - aah, high school romance, eh? Betty is a diminutive of the name Elizabeth, meaning "pledged to God."


Taylor's song "The Archer" is all about resilience and self-reflection. Naming your baby Archer captures that same strength and authenticity that she brings to her music. This name is particularly great for December born babies; the song title is a reference toTaylor's star sign, Sagittarius. 


Ah, the classic love story from Taylor's song "Love Story." Naming your baby Juliet is like writing your own fairy tale! It's a beautiful name of French and English origin, meaning "youthful or sky father".


The real-life inspiration behind "The Last Great American Dynasty," Rebekah is known for her scandalous reputation - something that captivated Taylor, who "found a connection in that." Naming your baby Rebekah captures that sense of history and depth, adding a unique touch of Taylor Swift's storytelling to their name.


Straight from Taylor's album "evermore," Willow is all about the transformative power of love, and what love is more transformative than your love for your baby? The name Willow has seen a huge boost in popularity over the years; it was the 14th most popular girls name in the UK last year. 


The ultimate tribute! Taylor herself was named in honor of the legendary singer-songwriter James Taylor, and you can carry on the tradition by naming your own future star, boy or girl, after her.


If not Taylor, what about her middle name, Alison? Other possible variations include Alyson, Allyson and Alycen. It has Scottish and German origins, and means "noble" or "exalted."


Remember Taylor's heartfelt song "Ronan," written in memory of a young boy who passed away from cancer? Naming your baby Ronan honours that legacy of love and empathy that Taylor embodies.


Travel to France with your adorable bébé. Taylor’s song of the same name is about the delirious joy and wonder of love - like new parenthood!

So, whether you're into whimsical charm, timeless romance or introspective depth, there's a Taylor Swift-inspired name out there. We'd love to know, what's your favourite? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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