Welcome to week 12 of your pregnancy!

At just 12 weeks since your last period, the remarkable transformation of the foetus is already underway. Your baby is now about the size of a plum!

All the intricate organs, muscles, limbs, and bones have taken shape, and the sex organs are remarkably well developed. From this point forward, the primary focus for the baby is growth and maturation. While you can't feel the baby's movements at this stage, rest assured they are already very active!

As you progress through your 12th week of pregnancy, you may experience constipation - this is common. Find out about other common health problems in pregnancy.

You may feel stomach pain or cramps from time to time. These are usually nothing to worry about, and can be caused by constipation, wind or your ligaments growing as your womb gets bigger. But, if you have stomach pain that doesn't go away, is severe or you also have bleeding or other symptoms, you need to see your midwife or doctor.

Antenatal screening tests offered by the NHS provide valuable insights into your baby's health and development, including the possibility of detecting conditions such as Down's syndrome. It's a personal decision whether to undergo these screenings, and your midwife will support you in making an informed choice that's right for you. Find out about screening during pregnancy and what's involved.

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