Welcome to week 11 of pregnancy!

Your baby is about the size of a fig! Although your baby is kicking around inside your womb, you probably won't feel anything for several weeks. 

Your baby is growing quickly and the placenta is too. The placenta is a vital lifeline between you and your baby, and it reaches full formation around the 12-week mark.

The intricate bones of your baby's face are taking shape, while the eyelids remain gently closed, awaiting their grand opening in the coming months. Notably, the ear buds on the sides of your baby's head begin to resemble ears as they continue to mature. While your baby's head still comprises a significant portion of their overall length, the body is swiftly catching up, straightening out as fingers and toes separate, complete with the budding emergence of tiny fingernails.

Headaches are common in early pregnancy, caused by the changes in your body. Taking proactive steps to manage discomfort, such as staying hydrated, practicing relaxation techniques, and adding gentle exercise into your routine, can help headaches and promote overall wellbeing.

Being mindful of your caffeine intake during pregnancy is advised. Limiting the amount of caffeine you have in pregnancy can reduce the chances of miscarriage and your baby weighing less than normal when they're born (low birthweight).

The charity Tommy's has more advice on caffeine intake during pregnancy.

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