Week 21 of pregnancy has arrived!

At 21 weeks, your little one weighs around 350 grams and is around 26.7cm long from head to toe. That's approximately the size of a carrot! Their weight now surpasses that of the placenta, a testament to their rapid growth and development. The placenta will keep growing throughout pregnancy, but not as fast as your baby.

Additionally, your baby is becoming covered in a delicate layer of soft hair called lanugo. While its exact purpose remains a mystery, lanugo is thought to play a role in regulating your baby's body temperature and protecting their developing skin. This temporary covering will gradually disappear before birth as your baby's skin matures.

You may find yourself feeling hungrier than before, as your body works tirelessly to nourish your growing baby. It's important to maintain a balanced, healthy diet during pregnancy, so you and your baby receive all the essential nutrients you need.  Make sure you know the foods to avoid during pregnancy, too.

All pregnancies are unique and when women feel movement for the first time varies. Most women usually start to feel their baby move between 16 and 24 weeks of pregnancy. 



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