Welcome to week 22 of your pregnancy!

Your baby is growing and developing in incredible ways, and they're around 27.8cm long from head to toe. That's approximately the size of a sweet potato!

At 22 weeks, your little one is likely to be establishing their own pattern of sleeping and waking, which may not necessarily align with yours. While you're in bed at night, feeling relaxed and trying to sleep, your baby may be wide awake and active! This is often referred to their pattern of movement. It's important to get to know your baby's regular pattern of movement, our kicks count wristbands can help you do this.

Stretch marks are a common occurrence for many, typically becoming noticeable around 22 to 24 weeks pregnant. These marks may appear on your stomach, breasts and thighs, and they can vary in colour from pink, red, purple or brown, depending on your skin tone. Over time, they usually become paler and less noticeable, but they're a natural part of the journey and a testament to the incredible changes your body is undergoing.

Additionally, you may notice your breasts starting to leak a little pre-milk, also known as colostrum. This is entirely normal and is your body's way of preparing for breastfeeding after your baby is born.

As your pregnancy progresses, you may also experience changes in your skin. These changes can include differences in pigmentation, increased oiliness or dryness and the appearance of pregnancy-related skin conditions. 

If you sunbathe while pregnant, you may find you burn more easily. Protect your skin with a high-factor suncream and don't stay in the sun for a long time. Read more about suncream and sun safety.



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