Welcome to week 9 of your pregnancy!

Your baby is now around 22mm long from head to bottom, which is about the size of a strawberry. Their face is slowly forming, too! The eyes are bigger and more obvious and have some colour (pigment) in them. There's a mouth and a tongue with tiny taste buds.

The hands and feet are developing too – ridges identify where the fingers and toes will be, although they've not separated out yet.

The major internal organs, such as the heart, brain, lungs, kidneys and gut, continue developing.

During this time your breasts will have probably grown, so consider wearing a supportive bra!

You may also find that your emotions vary – you feel happy one moment and sad the next. Don't worry – these feelings are normal and should settle down. If they don't though, speak to your doctor or midwife for support.

It's normal to have more vaginal discharge when you're pregnant, so you may notice this. Tell your midwife or GP if the discharge smells unpleasant or strange, you feel itchy or sore, or you have pain when you pee, though. These could be signs of a vaginal infection and need to be checked.



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