Welcome to week 10 of your pregnancy!

Your uterus (womb) is around the size of a large orange, while your baby is more like the size of an apricot

If you could look at your baby's face, you'd be able to see an upper lip and 2 tiny nostrils in the nose! Nawww.

The jawbones are developing and already contain all the future milk teeth.

The heart is now fully formed too. It beats 180 times a minute – that's 2 to 3 times faster than your heart.

The baby is making small, jerky movements that can be seen on an ultrasound scan. You won't be able to feel these, though.

You'll be offered screening to find the baby's chance of having Down's syndrome, Edwards' syndrome and Patau's syndrome as part of your maternity care.

During pregancy, you and your baby are at higher risk from flu (influenza) and whooping cough (pertussis). You're advised to have a flu and whooping cough vaccination in pregnancy to protect you and your baby. You can have the whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine at any time in your pregnancy, but the best time to have it is from week 16 to week 32. This vaccine helps protect your baby from this serious illness.

Sadly, around 1 in 3 women are affected by domestic abuse when they're pregnant. This could be emotional, financial or physical in nature, and could happen for the first time, or be existing abuse. Due to this, all pregnant women in the UK are routinely asked if they have/are experiencing abuse by their midwife or doctor, so they can help you.

If you or your family are in immediate danger, call 999. If you're unable to talk, press 55 after dialling. You can also call 101 in a non-emergency situation to report previous incidents or get advice.



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